Suzanne Anglum At age 5,
November 6th, 2013

Suzanne Anglum At age 5, my parents were told I had a vision problem. I was later diagnosed with a rare condition called choroidal sclerosis osteoma. The disease has an effect similar to that of macular degeneration. My vision significantly worsened during my college years as a result of hemorrhaging blood vessels in my eyes. In 1995, I had to stop driving. During my pregnancy, in 2001, I lost the ability to read regular print and shortly thereafter could no longer read large print. At age 31, I heard about Dr. Otte.

In February 2002, two weeks after hearing about Dr. Otte, my husband and I loaded up our awesome little boy and headed to Microacupuncture Center. I’ll admit, while receiving my first treatments, I questioned the fact that this guy was going to make me see better by sticking needles in my hands, feet, and forehead. After just three treatments, I remember that as I handed my mom the order form for microacupuncture vitamins I grabbed it back from her because I had been able to see some letters on the paper. Wow!! During the second week of that visit, I noticed the lotion bottle I was using had a lime green cap. Before the treatments, I thought it was cream colored. I was also going to order my little boy a black and gray toy cell phone but when I returned home and got ready to order it, I noticed it was red and blue. I could hardly believe what was happening. I returned for another two weeks in May, one week in July, one week in August, and am returning for two weeks in November.

I can now see most prices in stores, sizes on clothing, large print books, and in August I was able to obtain a restricted driver’s license. Dr. Otte has also been treating my Raynauds (cold hand and feet) and it too has significantly improved. I plan to aggressively receive treatments until I reach my desired goal of 20/40 corrected vision. Dr. Otte and Microacupuncture Center are synonymous with hope for better vision. Before, I always hoped that my vision didn’t get worse and now I can hope that it will get better. You will find a visit to Dr. Otte to be a very positive experience and you’ll love his staff. Best Wishes, Suzanne Anglum

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