What is Stargardt’s disease?

Stargardt’s disease, also known as fundus flavimaculatis, is the most common form or inherited juvenile Macular Degeneration. Most people suffering from Stargardt’s Disease are diagnosed before the age of twenty. By the age of fifty, most patients will be legally blind, having a visual acuity of 20/200 or worse. Individuals with Stargardt’s receiving Micro Acupuncture™   treatments experience the same positive results as Macular Degeneration patients. The disease behaves very much like Dry Macular Degeneration, and responds to treatment similarly, although it is generally not complicated by neovascularization.

Treatment for Stargardt’s disease

Patients seeking reversal of Stargardt’s disease from Micro Acupuncture range in age from six to sixty.  Because many of our patients with Stargardt’s disease are younger (up to about age 14), we have developed the use of a non-burning laser (to replace needles) reducing the treatment anxiety for this population.  Patients seeking reversal of Stargardt’s disease over this age range can, and often do, elect use of Micro Acupuncture needles to achieve the same positive results.  Similar to our treatments for other disease of the eye, a Vision Field Scan is performed on day one and day three.  Individual progress to reverse Stargardt’s disease can be noted on or after day three.  The continued need for treatment is then reassessed and your personal plan of care is determined!

Here is What You Can Expect from Stargardt’s disease Treatment

Patients receiving Micro Acupuncture to treat Stargardt’s can expect much improved central vision!  Because this disease is a juvenile version of macular degeneration, our patients enjoy many of the same treatment outcomes as macular degeneration! Peripheral vision is also greatly improved after treatment and can be maintained with our dietary supplements!

Result from treating Stargardts with Microacupuncture:


Left eye;





Right eye;


Stargardt's Treatment Testimonials

My name is Pamela and I\’d like to introduce myself as a satisfied patient of Dr. Otte. I just recently returned home from my second visit and my vision has improved quite a bit. I was diagnosed with Stargardt\’s...