Mildred M.
November 6th, 2013

Before I started coming to the Microacupuncture Center I brought my husband to have eye treatments. After he died I went for an eye exam and was told I was at the beginning of macular degeneration and he said for me to eat green veggies. Other than that I would go blind in a few years as there was no known cure. I told him I knew where to go for help and he rolled back on his stool and told me again to accept that I would go blind. I went home and called for an appointment to see Dr. Otte located in Hot Springs Village shopping center. Now located in Beckley WV. I started treatments in 1998 and Once a year I go in for a “tune up” and I have great eye sight including 20/20 vision and no eye glasses. Twice I have gone in for an eye exam and I was told my vision was 20/20 and there were no problems. When I told them the story they were surprised and never heard of a treatment being available.

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