Markita L.
November 6th, 2013

I found out in 1995 that I had Macular Degeneration. When the doctor found out what I had he suggested I go to Charlottesville to be checked. After going down there they said there was nothing they could do because I had the dry kind. Then my local doctor checked me every 6 months to see if there was any change. This went on until 2008. During this time I was also making trips to Charlottesville. Then the local doctor died and I went to see another doctor who told me I was going blind which upset me so much I cried. I finally decided I would have to accept this.

In 2009 I found out about a doctor of Acupuncture who could help Macular Degeneration. I went to see him and he started treatments which began to help. Then in 2010, I went back to Charlottesville and the doctor there decided to put a shot in my eye. Then I went back and he put another shot in my eye. After that I went again and the doctor put a shot in the eye for the third time and this one caused my eye to hemorrhage. By that evening my eye was running with what looked like infection. Then I returned to Dr. Otte who did a scan on my eyes and found out that the eye that had the shot had hemorrhaged. Now he is working to get them better with the treatments and there has been some improvement. Therefore, I recommend that no one ever get shots in their eyes because after my eye hemorrhaged I was afraid they wouldn’t ever get better. I have Dr. Per Otte to thank for the hope I now have for my eyes to get better. I recommend acupuncture because I have seen many miracles performed by God and Dr. Otte

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