I am incredibly grateful to have discovered this amazing man and his staff. Pauline
November 6th, 2013

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I have had glaucoma for about 14 years and although I had lost some vision , I had been relatively stable for quite a few years. Things took a huge turn for the worse 4 months ago when I had an upper respitory infection that wasn’t responding to antibiotics and I was given massive doses of steroids. It spiked my eye pressure and I began rapidly losing vision. In two months I lost over double the vision it had taken me all those years to lose. I was told I had to have surgery to save what vision I had, because I was already on the maximum amount of anti-glaucoma eyedrops and laser treatment hadn’t worked. After extensive reading about all the complications of the surgery and poor success rates, I was terrified to have it, especially knowing it would have to be redone in a few years even if things went well. I was told I was at the end of the road, there was nothing else to be done and I had no choice. Desperately, I started searching for other options. I found Dr. Otte’s website and read all the testimonials and knew I had to try it. I had my first 5 days of treatment last week. I am thrilled with the results.

What Dr. Otte does is nothing short of miraculous! before I went, I could not read the guide on the tv – now I can. i could not read road signs – now I can. My field of vision is much improved. When I returned to the surgeon who was to do my surgery, she was astounded. The improvement was so great, and my eye pressure had gone down 3 points in one eye and two in the other, even though Dr. Otte had said the treatment doesn’t always reduce pressure. The surgery has been postponed indefinitely and I am one happy, happy woman right now. I shall return to Dr. Otte every 6 months, as he says I shall regain more vision and improve each time I come. I’m a believer! This treatment works.

I saw with my own eyes, people who had lost huge amounts of vision due to diverse eye diseases and were regaining it, thanks to Dr. Otte.

I am incredibly grateful to have discovered this amazing man and his staff. Pauline

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