Glenn C USA
November 6th, 2013

Glenn C. A Testimonial for Eyesight Recovery through MicroAcupuncture with Dr. Per Otte. It behooves me, as a husband whose wife has been legally blind since 1995, to witness her recovery of sight in both eyes over a six-week period of treatments starting in March 2000! My wife, Mary, has Macular Degeneration with one eye “wet” and the other “dry.” I must say, “had” because she has experienced miraculous recovery as witnessed by many friends and patients engaged in this program! As a husband who thought Acupuncture was a “Voo-Doo,” “Band-Aid,” “Money Grabbing,” “Wasted Time,” “Mythical, come and get it” procedure, WOW was I Wrong !! In the past six weeks, while sitting in the assembly room awaiting completion of my wife’s treatments, I’ve been witness to testimonials of countless number of patients who are re-gaining sight! Their expressions of joy and enthusiasm are a “sight to behold.” For anyone who has this tragic malady, I would highly suggest getting to this man P.D.Q.!

The sooner you get treatment, the quicker you experience the recovery! His track record is 98% success. After a few treatments and an eye scan, the doctor reviews this computerized “track” and will then tell you if he can recover your sight! We have been down the road of Ophthalmologists who give up on you and say you will never see again, don’t waste your money on Acupuncture, and that’s all a bunch of Bull-oney! Losing sight is catastrophic, but regaining sight is a Miracle of Miracles! We worship the ground this man walks on and may the Good Lord expand this phenomenal procedure throughout the World! I have my wife back !! Glenn C. AR

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