Glaucoma Treatments With Acupuncture

What Is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness in the United States. It causes damage to the optic nerve due to high pressure in the eye. Micro Acupuncture™ can help patients with glaucoma by repairing the damage to the retina caused by the increase in intramuscular pressure. This increase in pressure causes the small capillaries in the eye to collapse, resulting in damage to areas of the retina. In rare cases it can help to keep the pressure down, but in most cases it has no effect on the pressure.


The eye is constantly producing a clear fluid called aqueous humor. An equal amount of fluid is constantly filtered from the eye. The pressure in the eye is a balance between the amount of fluid produced, and the amount of fluid filtered. If either too much is produced, or not enough is filtered, the pressure in the eye becomes high. When this happens, the optic nerve at the back of the eye is damaged. The damage initially causes small blind spots in the field of vision. In more advanced cases, damage to the nerve leads to loss of peripheral vision; and in extreme cases, loss of central vision too.


Glaucoma Treatments With Acupuncture

Micro Acupuncture Glaucoma treatments are most effective with early detection; but can glaucoma be cured? Damage to the eyes can be slowed and even reversed with a host of natural treatments (more importantly diet modification and Micro Acupuncture) but a simple “cure” does not exist. The combination of early detection, Micro Acupuncture, diet modification and medical treatments is your best combination of personal care planning to reverse glaucoma and to maintain these improvements.


After an initial Vision Field Scan and a personal plan of care are developed, Micro Acupuncture and a supplemental diet regimen are tailored to your needs to begin reversing glaucoma. A series of treatments using Micro Acupuncture needles are placed in the hands and feet. Each treatment lasts around twenty minutes and several treatments each day over a week is common. On the third day of treatment a second Vision Field Scan is performed evidencing your progress. Further Micro Acupuncture treatments are then considered depending on your rate of progress.


What to Expect from the Treatment

We have been and are very proud of our patient’s treatment outcomes! In general, here is what you can expect:

  1. Normal intraocular pressure can be achieved!
  2. Maintenance of healthy intraocular pressure is attainable;
  3. Damage to the retina can be reversed;
  4. Your field of vision can be widened (peripheral vision)
  5. Improvement in your eye health related to vitamin and mineral supplementation can greatly improve your overall health too!

Result from treating Glaucoma with Microacupuncture:

Patient: 52 YEAR OLD, MALE

Left eye;





Date,    03/02/2011                          03/04/2011                            04/29/2011

Right eye;





Date,    03/02/2011                             03/04/2011                            04/29/2011

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