Diabetic Retinopathy

What is Diabetic Retinopathy?

As you may be well aware, diabetic retinopathy is a complication of diabetes effecting the eyes. These complications, resulting in retinopathy, are reversible for 90% of cases; especially when treatment is sought soon after diabetes has been diagnosed by a physician!

In diabetes, the body does not use and store sugar properly. High blood sugar levels cause damage to blood vessels and nerves. Damage to blood vessels in the retina is called Diabetic Retinopathy. In cases of “Diabetic Retinopathy,” the capillaries in the eyes contract, restricting the blood flow to the eyes, decreasing nutrients and oxygen. This causes a degeneration of the cells in the retina, thereby decreasing vision.

The retina no longer has enough blood supply to function properly. The eye forms new, fragile blood vessels in an effort to get enough blood to the retina. These new vessels tend to break and bleed into the “vitreous”; the clear jelly-like substance that fills the center of the eye. Vitreous hemorrhage can be mild, producing a few dark floaters, or it can be severe, causing a total loss of vision.

When the blood vessels in the retina are damaged, they leak fluid or blood. The fluid and blood deposits in the retina, thereby, causing it to swell. If the swelling takes place in the center of the retina, vision becomes blurry or distorted. This is called “macular edema”. Vision loss from diabetic retinopathy is largely preventable. You can significantly lower your risk by maintaining strict control of your blood sugar, and having regular eye exams. Micro Acupuncture™ treatment helps by increasing the blood circulation to the retina and eyes.


The Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment

Micro Acupuncture treatment reversing the effects of diabetic retinopathy is specifically determined by the individual results of the Vision Field Scan on day one. The specific number of needles and placement in both hands and feet are then decided. We use pressure boots to increase the effectiveness of the needles. It is common to expect a number of treatments each day over the course of a week. Each Micro Acupuncture treatment lasts around twenty minutes. A period of rest after each treatment is required to regenerate the point of needle insertion; this is integral to reversing the damaged caused by Diabetic Retinopathy.  On day three of treatment another Vision Field Scan is performed to evidence your rate of progress and also to determine the number of continued treatments you will require.


What to expect from the Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment

After your specific plan of care reversing the damage of diabetic retinopathy, you can expect these results, in general:

  1. Your field of vision will widen (depending on your extent of damage);
  2. Your eye health can be maintained by continued Micro Acupuncture treatments and dietary supplements of vitamins and minerals we can provide;
  3. Your overall health can improve with strict control of diabetes and regimen of diet and supplementation!

Result from treating Diabetic Retinopathy with Microacupuncture:

Patient: 52 YEARS OLD, MALE

Left eye;





Right eye;


Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment Testimonials

Following is a testimonial for your website. Also, feel free to reference me as a contact if someone wants to talk to a patient. “I have had diabetes for 52 years and until three years ago I had been...