Bruce Patient , Carolinas
November 6th, 2013

Following is a testimonial for your website. Also, feel free to reference me as a contact if someone wants to talk to a patient. “I have had diabetes for 52 years and until three years ago I had been extraordinarily healthy. I have had complications, but nothing debilitating. Three years ago I started having increased circulation problems and lost two toes and my vision. I became legally blind.

I have run the gauntlet of standard medical procedures, including five surgeries on my eyes, all the time expecting my vision to improve. It didn’t and my retinal doctor finally told me that my vision would never improve and that I needed to see a low-vision specialist. A friend of mine was telling a client of hers about me and it turned out that this client had been seeing Dr. Otte for quite some time and recommended I see him as well. I was skeptical, not because acupuncture is an “alternative” treatment, but because I had been given such grim prospects from my doctors.

I talked to Dr. Otte and made an appointment for a week of treatments. After two days of treatments I noticed that I could actually see the small print on my cell phone and could read signs twice as far away as I could before I started. Once again, I was skeptical. Was I getting my hopes too high and simply deceiving myself or was this real? A mid-week eye scan compared to the initial scan showed a definite improvement in my vision.

What I was experiencing corresponded to the objective scans and I was thrilled! The final scan at the end of the treatments showed even more improvement! I also received an unexpected side benefit. I have had diabetic neuropathy in my feet for 25 years; in fact I hadn\’t felt my feet for over 20 years. I dreaded the day when my hands would also be affected and that started about four years ago. A neurologist I saw said that the nerves in my hands and feet were either dead or dying and there was nothing that could be done to restore them. After my week of treatments I began to notice I could feel my feet for the first time in 20 years! The neuropathy has decreased in both my hands and feet. I whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Otte’s microacupuncture treatments. They really do work and have given hope to a fellow who, according to standard medical science, had none.”

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