About 20 years ago I was diagnosed with early macular degeneration.
December 17th, 2013



Dear Family and Friends,


As some of you know, about 20 years ago I was diagnosed with early macular degeneration.  Several ophthalmologists that I saw insisted that there was really nothing that would to stop the progression of this condition, although a few did say that certain supplements could slow the progress.  (But I was already taking all the recommended supplements.)  I continued to do research and found (through a friend) that 3 Danish doctors had developed a method of micro-acupuncture that would stop the progression of macular degeneration and in many cases, reverse the effects.  (And apparently, in some early cases, actually eliminate it!)


Well, one of those three Danish doctors, Dr. Per Otte, moved from Denmark to Arkansas and opened a clinic there to treat not only macular degeneration but many other vision conditions.  (No, they don’t put needles in your eyes!!  The tiny needles go into very specific spots in your hands and feet.)  Skeptical though I was, I went to the Arkansas clinic for a week.  You are given up to five 20-minute treatments a day for 6 days, Monday through Saturday.  The treatments are an hour or two apart.  (For advanced cases, Dr. Otte might suggest that the patient to stay for two weeks instead of one.) The cost per treatment is a reasonable $55., totaling between $1000. and $1650 for the week, depending on the number of treatments you get!


About 2 weeks later I noticed that straight lines that had appeared slightly wavy, were straight again.  I was excited and decided to return to the clinic in 6 months—–and after that, once a year, as recommended for early cases.  (Two or three times a year for more advanced cases is recommended.)  And I have followed that once-a-year schedule for 18 years, now.  Dick, has NO eye problems but gets 3 treatments a day just to keep his vision sharp, and he says that for many months after the treatments it is even sharper than usual!


To make a long story shorter, after 3 visits there, my ophthalmologist said I no longer had any sign of macular degeneration and my eyesight is now better than 20/20 with my glasses, which is fairly unusual for someone my age. (81)  Every time we go to the clinic we hear remarkable stories from people who have improved eyesight and who continue to make visits to the clinic. This treatment is apparently often successful with many eye conditions including retinitis pigmentosa, glaucoma, early cataracts, etc.


One reason I am writing this letter is to let you know that Dr. Otte no longer practices in Arkansas. Six years ago he opened a new clinic in W. Virginia. (And we are so happy to have a clinic just 4 hours away, instead of driving to Arkansas, 13 hours away!!) Here’s the website:  www.microacupuncture.com 


There are 2 pleasant places to stay very close to his clinic.  And there are also some nice motels in Beckley, W. Va. about 15 to 20 minutes away.  The clinic staff can give you info on all this. If you don’t come by car, you can fly into Charleston, W. Va.  You can rent a car there and drive the hour to Beaver, or the clinic has a nice taxi driver who picks people up at the Charleston airport and drives them to Beaver.


There isn’t much to do there and can be a boring week (or two)—-but we think some inconveniences are worth putting up with to save or regain one’s eyesight!


I hope that none of you has macular degeneration or any other eye problem, but almost everyone knows someone who does, and it is becoming more prevalent all the time.  So, I hope you will share this information, where needed, and keep the info in case you ever need it, yourself.  


 See you in March.  Fondly, Sally

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